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Beginning in February 2019 Carolyn Donatini began writing a monthly article for the Granville "Country Caller." The articles for 2020 appear on this page. CLICK HERE for the 2019 articles. CLICK HERE for more information on the Woodlands Cemetery, a…

Cooley Freddie.jpg
Frederick Bradley Cooley, who died at age 5. Son of Timothy M. and Sarah Jennette (Andrews) Cooley.

Burial in Woodlands Cemetery, Granville. His headstone was restored in July, 2019.

Woodlands-ALL-HEADSTONES-paired-with-graves-list 1.pdf
Photos of all headstones in the Woodlands Cemetery. VIEWING TIP: If you curser over an image you will see the "+" icon for magnifying the image. Use this to get a closer view of any headstone.IMPORTANT: This page is intended for use in conjunction…

Cemetery Inscriptions Granville 1910 and 1964 update.pdf
Tombstone inscriptions for Granville, MA. (West Granville Cemetery is not on the list at this time). Originally created by Lawrence F. Henry of Granville about 1910. Typed and indexed by Mrs. Max Lederer in 1964. Note the Index, which lists all names…

Woodlands Entryway 2019.JPG
Woodlands Cemetery (aka Stow Cemetery, First North Cemetery, Pond Cemetery, Blandford Road Cemetery), 48 Blandford Rd., Granville, MA. MACRIS inventory #GRN 804 Note that the list of known burials includes GPS coordinates for each grave.IMPORTANT:…

Alexander Tirzah.JPG
Tirzah Seymour married Jesse Alexander, a widower, from Columbia, Pennsylvania, February 24, 1847.
Tirzah and Jesse had one child, William Seymour Alexander, born abt 1848.
Tirzah died September 25, 1849 of consumption/inflammation and is buried…
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