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Clifford Mrs with baby and Anna Reed Barlow shawl.jpg
Shawl and quilt, belonged to Anna (Reed) Barlow. Top Photo: Circa March 1939, Leona Ruth (Aldrich) Clifford (1912-1990) with her son Dennis Clifford (1939-2009). Courtesy of Darcy Clifford, 2018, from a glass negative taken by Leona's father and…

Roberts S M Truck-8861.jpg
Information provided by Richard Roberts, 06 May 2022:"Stephen Monroe Roberts! Steve and and his wife Gladys (Barnes) Roberts lived on Holden Hill, off of Blandford Road in Granville, where he grew apples, blueberries, and peaches. He served his…

Nelson Harold and Jack-8863.jpg
Harold T. Nelson, Jr. (1924-1980) and the Nelson family dog Jack. About 1936, at the Nelson/Aldrich family farm on West Hartland Road, West Granville, Massachusetts.
Harold Nelson was a veteran who served in the Army during World War II.

Aldrich Family Lower Falls 2018 12 08 TMP_5594_008.jpg
The falls at Granville State Forest. Seated are Dennis Clifford and Leona (Aldrich) Clifford. Standing from left: Bill Alexander and Robert Grant, family friends and frequent visitors to the Nelson farm; Ruth (Nelson) Aldrich, May (Aldrich) Hague and…

Denny Clifford Navy.JPG
Dennis Clifford, 1939-2009

The gun is the "family musket" originally owned by Jonathan Aldrich, George Aldrich's great grandfather's brother.

Photo with oxen and cart is from Granville's 1976 Bicentennial Celebration Parade. Dennis Clifford is…

Miss Nelson Ma 1908 2018 12 08 TMP_5597_011.jpg
Ruth F. Nelson at the Nelson family farm on West Hartland Road, West Granville, MA.

Mr Mrs Nelson and Ruth 2018 12 08 TMP_5596_010.jpg
Major Nelson (1843-1930) and Francena Nelson (1841-1916) with their daughter Ruth Francena Nelson at the Nelson farm on West Hartland Road, West Granville, MA. About 1909.

Olin Mama May Leona 2018 12 08 TMP_5602_016.jpg
Photo 1: Olin B. Nelson (1870-1948), his wife Mame Nelson, with Ruth (Nelson) Aldrich's daughters May Aldrich (left) and Leona Aldrich (right).
Photo 2-4: Olin Nelson holiday calling card.
Photo 5: Olin Nelson
Description courtesy of Robert Hague.

Ruth and Jack 2018 12 08 TMP_5590_004.jpg
Ruth F. Nelson (1886-1969) with the family dog, Jack. Ruth married the photographer, George H. Aldrich in 1909.

Leona and May at Farm 2018 12 08 TMP_5603.jpg
Leona R. Aldrich (1912 - 1990) and younger sister May T. Aldrich, at the Nelson farm on West Hartland Road, West Granville, MA. About 1917. Leona and May were the daughters of George H. Aldrich and Ruth F. (Nelson) Aldrich.
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