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Cooley Lake 2020 12 27 Copyright Giguere's Aerial.jpg
Pine Lake is a man-made lake created by Ralph B. Cooley, and located between Granby Road and Sodom Road in Granville, MA.
GPS Coordinates:
Lat. 42.055824
Long. -72.850128

Aerial Photo: 27 Dec 2020 (see "Rights")

Early Photo: About 1921, from…

On The Way To Granville 1915.jpg
Family in Ford Model T on the way to Granville.

Cranberry Bogs Postcard001.jpg
Postcards of cranberry bogs in Granville. Date unknown. According to a map dated 1894 the cranberry bog was located on the right, off Old Westfield Road about 0.6 miles north of the Main Road intersection.
Somewhere around here:

Town Garage Summer 1998 Paul Jensen photo.jpg
Scenes At The Town Garage. Photos by Paul Jensen.
Town Treasurer's Vault: Summer 1998.
Civil Defense Vehicle: June 10, 1999
Granville Fire Dept. Truck: May 23, 1999

Tree on road above Cobble Mountain Reservoir Paul Jensen photo.jpg
The old tree near 655 Blandford Road, overlooking the Cobble Mountain Reservoir. Tree removed 2020 (or 2019?).

Water trough 3.jpg
Photos taken by Zack Meadows of what may be the last remaining water trough in Granville, 2022. These water troughs used to be marked on the old maps of Granville in the late 1800's to show travelers where they could water their horses along the…

2001 September American Flag at Noble Cooley Paul Jensen Photo 1.jpg
The American flag at Noble & Cooley after the World Trade Center terror attack on September 11, 2001.

Paul Jensen photo.
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