Pine Lake (aka Cooley Lake), Granville, MA.

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Pine Lake (aka Cooley Lake), Granville, MA.


Pine Lake is a man-made lake created by Ralph B. Cooley, and located between Granby Road and Sodom Road in Granville, MA.
GPS Coordinates:
Lat. 42.055824
Long. -72.850128

Aerial Photo: 27 Dec 2020 (see "Rights")

Early Photo: About 1921, from Viola Bettinger photo album.


Aerial Photo: 27 Dec 2020


Aerial Photo: Copyright Giguere's Photography, 2020. Used here with permission. May not be downloaded or used further without consent of the photographer.
Bettinger Photo: Digital image rights Granville Library Historical Room, 2021.


“Pine Lake (aka Cooley Lake), Granville, MA.,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed January 26, 2023,


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