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Aldrich George and cow 1939.jpg
George Aldrich was likely Granville's most prolific photographer. He possessed a wonderful eye for nature and for seeing the beauty in commonplace life. He is remembered by his descendants as a kind, humorous, true gentleman.Thanks to George and his…

Dog License Granville 1897 Grover 003.jpg
Granville dog licenses issued over the years.

Bearse Dog and Foxes.jpg
Dog with several foxes in front of the Ezra Baldwin House. View is looking east. The house is on the right and Main Road on the right (both out of view). Note foxes have collars and are restrained. See related photo of Ezra Baldwin House with George…

Gibbons Fred front.jpg
Photo of Fred Gibbons. Second photo: Fred Gibbons' signature found on the underside of the cellar steps at Fred Gibbons' house.To see Fred Gibbons' house (462 Main Road), CLICK HERE
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