George Henry Aldrich (1865-1953): Trapper, Musician, Farmer, Photographer

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George Henry Aldrich (1865-1953): Trapper, Musician, Farmer, Photographer


George Aldrich was likely Granville's most prolific photographer. He possessed a wonderful eye for nature and for seeing the beauty in commonplace life. He is remembered by his descendants as a kind, humorous, true gentleman.

Thanks to George and his descendants the Granville Library Historical Room has had the honor of safeguarding a large collection of his work, which records Granville life in the early 20th century. Many of the photos in the Granville History site are attributed to George Aldrich and at least as many are thought to have been taken by him.

There are few formal portrait photos of George. He was always behind the camera except on occasions where he joined friends or couldn't resist having his picture taken with some interesting natural anomoly such as "The Lady on the Cow."

Here are a few photos celebrating George Aldrich:

Photo 1: With a cow that has the profile of a woman on the cow's side, 28 Aug 1939.
Photo 2: With a fallen ash tree near West Hartland Road.
Photo 3: With his horse and woodpile at the Nelson farm on West Hartland Road.
Photo 4: With a spotted white dog.
Photo 4: With cows in front of the cow barn at the Nelson farm.


Lady On A Cow: 28 Aug 1939


Generous Photo Donors:
Lady On A Cow: Lester Sattler, 1978.
Other Photos: Robert Hague, Darcy Clifford.


Digital Images: Granville Library Historical Room, 2020, 2021


“George Henry Aldrich (1865-1953): Trapper, Musician, Farmer, Photographer,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed May 24, 2024,


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