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Wood Chopped for Joe Dickinson 1931 Dec-8536.jpg
A group of Granville men who gathered to cut wood for Joe Dickinson, who had been shot in a hunting accident.A note with the photo indicates it was taken on land belonging to the Hiers family in what is now the meadow which would be the area off…

Event programs for the Granville Community Fair. These programs are digitized and available in full at the Granville Library page at Internet Archive. See links to full text by year below. A few years are missing. If you have a program for a missing…

Short Howard portrait-7662.jpg
Howard Short was a student at the Hartford Seminary. He boarded at the Nelson farm in West Granville and preached at the West Granville Church, including taking part in the church's 150th celebration in 1931.

2018 06 04 fb mystery.jpg
Wedding photo, Helen Alvina Hansen (6/20/12 -1/15/98) and Charles Louis Drolett, Jr. (6/2/09 - 10/1/70), taken 6/17/31. This image from FB via DL Morris on 6/4/18.
Crowd-source information from Granville-Tolland Community FB group:
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