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TMP_6938-Granby Road Barn Collapse 1952.jpg
Collapse of Ralph Hiers' barn located at 66 Granby Road, Granville, MA. The barn still standing in the photo is the current home of Cooley & Co., open seasonally, with arts, crafts and other goods produced by local artisans.This image was posted…

Cooley Company front side.jpg
Cooley & Company is located at 66 Granby Road, Granville, Massachusetts. The shop is open seasonally and features unique and one of a kind crafts made by local artists.CLICK HERE to go to the Cooley & Company web site. The store phone number…

Indiam Meadow Granby Road 2020 12 27 Copyright Giguere's Aerial.jpg
This aerial photo taken 27 Dec 2020 shows Indian Meadows, near Pine Lane. The mill in the meadow is just out of camera view. Indian Meadows and the mill are visible from Granby Road, near Cooley & Company (the big red barn).
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