Sodom Street Bridge, Granville

Sodom Street Bridge002.jpg
Sodom Street Bridge003.jpg
Sodom Street Bridge004.jpg
Sodom Street Bridge005.jpg
Sodom Street Bridge006.jpg
Sodom Street Bridge007.jpg
Sodom Street Bridge001.jpg
Ripley Road Bridge (former Sodom Road Bridge)


Sodom Street Bridge, Granville


A grouping of photos showing the progression of Sodom Street bridges. Do you know the approximate date each bridge was constructed? Other information? UPDATE: A photo of the old bridge that was moved to Ripley Road has been added.




Images contributed by May (Hunt) Nobbs, 2018.


Granville Public Library Historical Room


“Sodom Street Bridge, Granville,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 21, 2024,


Joanne McCandlish

I remember my sister Jane doing handstands on the 2nd bridge pictured,  which washed away in the flood. I was very young,  Jane was a teenager and quite daring!  

Later,  on the new bridge (not pictured and I believe still in place) I got up on the top rail by myself as I'd seen the older kids doing.  Buell Dickinson (Howard's son, I believe,) came out of their house and yelled,  "Joanne!  Get down from that railing!"  Illustrating that "it takes a village to raise a child!"

Jacky Wackerbarth Arnold

Adding to my sister, Joanne's, comments above.  In the flood of 1955 a bridge got washed out here.  I'm not sure if it's the third one pictured here or if there were even more.  What I was told was that the foundation of the bridge washed out and the bridge was in good shape and was moved up to Water Street where it spanned the brook for the driveway going up to what I believe was a Tryon's house.  I just looked on Goggle Maps and that "driveway" is labeled as Ripley Road.  The third bridge in this series looks like what was on Ripley Road growing up in the 60's.

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