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Bridge Near Greenfield 1932 07-8819.jpg
The French King bridge crosses the Connecticut River between Erving and Gill, Massachusetts (near Greenfield).

Photo taken by Herbert A. Hiers of the French King Bridge, July 1932. The bridge is in the final stages of structural completion, with…

GRN_917 Ripley Road Bridge.jpg
Ripley Road Bridge, removed in 2000's, road closed. MACRIS Inv. # GRN 917

Sodom Street Bridge002.jpg
A grouping of photos showing the progression of Sodom Street bridges. Do you know the approximate date each bridge was constructed? Other information? UPDATE: A photo of the old bridge that was moved to Ripley Road has been added.

Bettinger Album 011 Granby Road bridge  c 1921-5343.jpg
Bridge on Granby Rd. near Water Street, 1904. MACRIS inv. #GRN 924.
First Photo: Taken by Viola Bettinger, teacher at the Granville Village School, 1921.
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