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Main Road 0484 Ralph Hiers 1941  Hiers Photo 106-5272.jpg
484 Main Road, Granville, Massachusetts.

Photo 1: Taken by Herbert Hiers, Summer 1941. The home of Ralph G. Hiers in 1941.

Photo 2: Late December 1942 snowstorm. Hiers photo. People in the photos unidentified, possible members of Hiers…

1942 12 29 storm Wilcox hotel.jpg
Snowstorm of 29 Dec 1942, Hiers photo. Wilcox Hotel is on the right. Old Universalist Church (gone) steeple in the background. Granville Country Store is just out of sight on the left. Gas sign is visible. View is looking northwest toward Main Road.

Storm 1940 03 07 car 1.jpg
Photos taken in Granville, March 7 and 9, 1940 after a major snowstorm.

Hansen Milton Sr and Jr 1945 02.jpg
The snowstorm of February 1945.
Tractor Photo: G. Milton Hansen and his son, Milton E. Hansen
Truck/Snowblower Photos: This equipment was said to have come from the Westover air base.
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