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Denny Clifford Navy.JPG
Dennis Clifford, 1939-2009

The gun is the "family musket" originally owned by Jonathan Aldrich, George Aldrich's great grandfather's brother.

Photo with oxen and cart is from Granville's 1976 Bicentennial Celebration Parade. Dennis Clifford is…

Historical Room-019_00055.jpg
Group in the foreground has drums but in civilian attire. Possibly Noble & Cooley group? Whitney House in background. Date, location, event unknown.

World War 1 Parade001.jpg
Parade with motor vehicles and celebrants. Signs read: "Kaiser Bill Has Gone To Hell", "Our Flag Has Never Come Down And Never Will, Nelly & Gang", "Who's Boss Now?" and "Danger Explosives." The photo has no notations providing further information.

Independence Day Parade 2020.jpg
Independence Day in The Age of COVID 19. July 4, 2020, Granville, Massachusetts.

Parade Oxen Wagon-7144.jpg
Photo Information:Photos with dark colored house in the background were taken in front of 25 Granby Road. It was the Falcetti home in 1976.Covered Wagon (photographer believed to be David Pulaski): This photo was taken in front of 458 Main Road,…

Independence Day 2021 Parade Poster.png
After a year of relative isolation due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Granville once again celebrated Independence Day with the traditional parade event!

Independence Day 2016 Clifford 02.jpg
Photos of the 2016 Independence Day parade in Granville, Massachusetts.
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