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World War 1 Parade001.jpg
Parade with motor vehicles and celebrants. Signs read: "Kaiser Bill Has Gone To Hell", "Our Flag Has Never Come Down And Never Will, Nelly & Gang", "Who's Boss Now?" and "Danger Explosives." The photo has no notations providing further information.

Roberts Bert J Granville Stage001.jpg
Bert J. Roberts, about 1918, with the Granville stage.
Also, invoices from various dates.

Phelon Susan Ann Animated 01.mp4
Susan (Phelon) Barber, 1885-1967. World War 1 veteran.Kathleen Clifford Ivory shared this remembrance of Sue Phelon:SUE PHELON & Aldrich Family Sue Phelon played an almost larger than life role in our family's history because it was honestly…

Armistice Day 1.jpg
Photo of Granville Armistice Day celebrants.
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