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East Hill and Liberty Hill.jpg
East Hill, Liberty Hill, West Granville, Massachusetts. This photo is looking east at East Hill and Liberty Hill. South Lane 2 runs across the upper portion of the landscape. The South Lane school is center left and the Yarmitsky place is on the…

East Hill Elm.jpg
An old elm tree. Note on the back of the postcard says the tree is on the David Rose lot at the corner of Main Road and South Lane 2 (now Crest Lane), West Granville, MassachusettsThe postcard is from Ruth (Nelson) Aldrich to Mayme Schwarzweller in…

Aldrich George ash tree-7506.jpg
George Aldrich photos of trees near the Nelson farm on West Hartland Road, West Granville.
Photo 1: George Aldrich standing next to fallen ash tree.
Photo 2: Ice storm.
Photo 3: Elm tree

On The Way To Granville 1915.jpg
Family in Ford Model T on the way to Granville.
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