Granby Road 0041 Post Office and Randy's Confectionery, 1944-2002, Granville, MA.

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Granby Road 0041 Post Office and Randy's Confectionery, 1944-2002, Granville, MA.


Post Office formerly located on Granby Road at the southwest corner of the intersection with Water Street. The present day address would be 41 Granby Road (Route 189).

The building was constructed in 1944 by Postmaster Olav Randolph (Randy) Petersen (April 28, 1911 - January 1, 1980) and opened as the Post Office on Monday,October 2, 1944 [date corrected, thanks to Comment from Ross], replacing the post office formerly located at Gibbons Store.

It was taken down when a new Post Office was constructed in 2002 at 467 Main Road.

Community Remembrances:

This item was posted on the Granville FB community forum in March 2019. The following recollections were shared:

PAF: The old post office was in front of the Petersens house on 189 just south of Water Street. In grade school I used to shovel the steps and landing before school for $3.00. Mrs. Carpenter or Mary Woodger was the postmaster.

DS: When we were kids the post office had a little gift shop in the left side of the building.

DB: Randy Petersen really loved the children in Granville. He did a lot of things for them. My grandmother Bess Peebles also worked in the post office for many years and the room on the right had a few booths and we could get ice cream soda or candy there. 

DZ: It was the first chore I had as a 3 year old. My mother sent me to get our mail (next door to my house). At first Randy handed me our mail and commented most days that I was “full of prunes”. At some time they changed to a combination I had to memorize. A fond memory.

JM: I was so sad when it was gone. I think I just got a whiff of the smell in there when I looked at the picture! Randy and Alice.

FW: I loved that Post Office and the people that worked there. Years ago while the boys and I were on vacation, John (age 4 or 5) sent a post card to his father, addressed to 'Daddy', Granville, MA. It got delivered.

DB: I think the women in this picture might be my grand mother Bess Peebles as it does not look like Alice Petersen the man is Randy Garry's father.

JWA: Looks like Randy in the window. We had Box 3.

CB: I spent my childhood summers riding my bike to the old post office for my grandmother. Back in the day she would get mail from friends in the morning spend the day responding then I'd speed back at 3:30 to catch the outgoing mail. They were PO Box 1, a little too high up to reach so Betty Carpenter would have the mail waiting for me to grab from her at the counter.


"History of Granville Massachusetts" by Albion Wilson, page. 265


Granville Library Historical Room
Petersen Family Photo: From


“Granby Road 0041 Post Office and Randy's Confectionery, 1944-2002, Granville, MA.,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed March 30, 2023,




I believe the author, Albion Wilson, made a few date mistakes in the book. Reseaching other sources, including newspaper archives, have the post office opening date at Monday, Oct. 2, 1944. 

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