Granby Road and Main Road Intersection, Seymour / Stacker House (Gone)

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Granby Road and Main Road Intersection, Seymour / Stacker House (Gone)


This house, built circa 1830, was torn down when the Village Green was improved in the 1990's. It was built around 1830 by Barlow and Spellman and occupied for many years by the Seymour family.

Milo Seymour and his ancestors had been active in town matters over many years and through various Town Hall relocations. As a result they ended up with many old town records stored in boxes in the attic.

In the 1950's the house was owned by Max and Dot Stacker, who ran the filling station and a small store across the street. When Max bought the house he cleaned out the attic. Not realizing the importance of the old papers in the boxes, he took them to the town dump where they were burned.

Comments from Facebook discussion, January 2022:

Dan M: "The last building to come down [on the village green] was Dorothy Stacker's house. She was affectionately known as "Ma" Stacker whose store/garage was across the road. I believe that her nickname was derived from the sign over the store that originally had her late husband's name Max C Stacker on it, but the X had worn away showing only "Ma". As a kid I remember hanging out at her store frequently with friends. She knew everyone in town and if you needed any gossip about what was going on, Ma would be the one to see. I'm sure many of you have fond memories of Ma Stacker."

To see pictures of the Stackers' store CLICK HERE.


1941 Photo: Herb Hiers


Digital Images: Granville Public Library and NCCHP


#57 in the 1941 Herbert Hiers photo album.


“Granby Road and Main Road Intersection, Seymour / Stacker House (Gone),” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed February 3, 2023,


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