Georgie and Her Dad: But Who Are They Really??

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Georgie and Her Dad: But Who Are They Really??


This mystery photo was provided by Judi Green Watson, author of the book, "Isaiah Green and Elizabeth Tefft" which documents the Green/Tefft family ancestry. A copy of the book is in the Granville Library Historical Room, as well as at the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford.

Judi's comments about the photo:

"My first thought was that it was Georgie Colistie (Smith) Green, wife of George Franklin Green, the son of Raymond Green of Granville.. And that the man could be Edmund Smith, her father. Or perhaps its her grandfather, The caption is totally unverified.

Maybe if the photo is displayed it in the Granville History site someone might recognize it and be able to confirm the identities."

It was often the case that photos were an important event so multiple copies were made in order to be mailed to family members. Basically the equivalent of "selfies" being put on the internet today but a lot slower. As a result other copies of this photo likely existed and may still exist, hopefully with the identities written on the back.

If you recognize the people in the photo from a similar or the same photo in your collection, please use the Comments facility below or drop an email to the Granville (Massachusetts) library.


Digital Image: Copyright Judi (Green) Watson


“Georgie and Her Dad: But Who Are They Really??,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed June 17, 2024,


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