Help Solve These Granville Mysteries!


Help Solve These Granville Mysteries!


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Hartland Hollow House
A house apparently on Hartland Hollow Road. The description on the back of the photo is confusing. Can anyone shed light on what house this was?

Three Unidentified Men, Studio Photo, From Hiers Collection
Three Unidentified Men, Studio Photo, From Hiers Collection.

This photo was posted on the Granville-Tolland Community Facebook group page on 25 Mar 2022. Nobody recognized the men in the photo.

Unidentified Child On A Scale
A small child stands on a scale as an adult reads the weight. Half a sack a potatos? (contents of the sacks unknown).

Georgie and Her Dad: But Who Are They Really??
This mystery photo was provided by Judi Green Watson, author of the book, "Isaiah Green and Elizabeth Tefft" which documents the Green/Tefft family ancestry. A copy of the book is in the Granville Library Historical Room, as well as at the…

Unidentified House, Granville, Massachusetts
Unidentified house. Summer 1941 photo taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of Martin Petersen in 1941.

Unidentified House, Granville, Massachusetts
Unidentified house. 1941 photo by Herbert Hiers. The home of Charles Johnson in 1941.

Tryon / Chapman House, Granville, Massachusetts
A log cabin, home of Willard Tryon in 1941. Herbert Hiers photo.

Do you know anything about this house? Location?

In The Orchard, 1922
Photos taken in the Dickinson orchard.

Can you confirm the identities of the people in the photos? Educated guesses:

Top Photo: Lempie Kallio, Ethel Dickinson, Edith Dickinson
Second Photo: Edith Dickinson, Viola Bettinger, Ethel…

Don [Dickinson?] and Joe, 1921
From the Viola Elizabeth Bettinger (1899-1983) photo album. This photo was shared on the Granville-Tolland Community Forum page (Facebook) in February 2021. The question: Who is in this photo?

Jackie Wackerbarth Arnold provided the following,…

Unknown Person, Bettinger Album, 1923
Unknown person (T?) at Noble (Hospital?) and Middlefield.

From the Viola Elizabeth Bettinger (1899-1983) photo album. Viola Bettinger was a teacher at the old Granville Village School during the early 1920's. Her photo album was donated to the…

Mystery Tintypes From Joyce Hiers Jones Collection
Matt Jones brought these four tintypes to the Historical Room wondering if the people match any photos in the museum's collection. They are from the collection of Matt's mom, Joyce Hiers Jones. Matt and Joyce are Cooley descendants and there is a…

Old Man Sitting In Front Of An Old Cabin, Granville, Massachusetts
Photo from the Miles Rose family collection, probably late 1800's. No notation on the photo identifying the person or place.

Carol Laun, historian and archivist at the Salmon Brook Historical Society (Granby), noticed this photo and commented as…
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Jim Moore

Greetings -

I was looking for the site of this rock and found your website:

Now as to your list of unknowns, I have two postcards showing the falls labeled as Z108. One is an exact duplicate of that photo and labeled "Brown's Falls, Granville, Mass." The second is almost the same but missing the man and dog. It is called "The Falls, Granville, Center, Mass." Not a lot to go on but may provide some clues.


Jim Moore

Pittsfield, MA

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