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Ripley Road Hansen Charles Ripley Silas 1941 Hiers photo 022 torn down-024.jpg
Photo of the Ripley house on Ripley Road. The house was torn down in the 2000's after the Ripley Road bridge was removed.
This photo was taken in 1941 by Herbert Hiers.
Notes with the 1941 photo indicate that over the life of the home it was…

Church Edith Noble and Cooley Retirement 1961001.jpg
Farewell party for Edith Church at Noble & Cooley, 1961. Left to right: Jim Lees, Edith Shenerock, Edythe Westling, Millie Lees, Unidentified, (---) Dickinson, John Jones, Stella Hunt, Bulla(?) Lafriniere, Paul Long, Marion Peebles, Clara Banks,…

Charles Hansen with Roberts drum.jpg
Charles Hansen playing Roberts family drum at Roberts family reunion.
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