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  • Collection: Help Solve These Granville Mysteries!

3 Shop Workers.jpg
A group of workers, most likely at Noble & Cooley before the 1889 fire.

HRM Yale Room front.tif
Mystery photo showing what may be a Yale student, Yale graduate, or Yale fan's room.

Historical Room-019_00055.jpg
Group in the foreground has drums but in civilian attire. Possibly Noble & Cooley group? Whitney House in background. Date, location, event unknown.

HRM group of men possibly Noble & Cooley v2.jpg
Possibly Noble & Cooley workers at old factory before fire Gramp Ripley and Bert Roberts are identified. Person to left of Gramp Ripley appears to be noted as "Arch" (Tryon?).

Historical Room-024_00071.tif
Mystery photo. A large group, many holding what appears to be similar bottles of an unknown beverage, in a festive mood.

Historical Room-099_00232.jpg
Unknown man standing next to Model T Ford.

HRM Group chopping wood front.jpg
One young man chops a log while his three friends assess his technique.

HRM Large Group on Hillside front.jpg
Large gathering on a hillside. What was the occasion? Who's the guy in the top hat? Is this possibly a minstrel show?

HRM Man With Dog at Waterfall front.jpg
Mystery photo. Who, where and when?

HRM Woman Watering Garden.jpg
Unknown woman watering her garden. There is another picture of the same woman with her cat, in this collection.

HRM Woman With Car.jpg
Unknown woman with a car.

HRM Enroute to California.jpg
Unknown woman with porter, apparently about to board a train for California. Who, when, why?
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