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Orchard Chris.jpg
Christina Jensen Teter remembers life at her family's Mountain Orchard (est. 1919) in Granville, Massachusetts.Recorded by James M. Reid on February 22, 2020 at the James Cooley law office (aka the "Singed Cat House") built 1800, on Main Road,…

George Aspinall Granville Hometown Video 2019 09 01.m4a
George Aspinall wrote, sang and produced this song for his Mom, Lucy Aspinall. She grew up in Granville on Lake Street (now Sodom Street) with her brother Ralph Dickinson and Jennie Maceyka. They lived where Terry Hodour now lives. The Aspinall's…

01 Danish Dances, Etc..m4a
An audio cassette in the Historical Room collection marked "Danish Dances." Can you provide more information? If so please contact the library. Who, what, when, etc?

Clifford Leona Oral History 1976.m4a
An audio recording of Leona Ruth (Aldrich) Clifford (1912-1990). Recorded April 1, 1976. Leona Clifford was the daughter of George Aldrich and Ruth (Nelson) Aldrich. George Aldrich was an amateur photographer who came to Granville in 1909 and took…

01 Track 01.m4a
Cassette tape recordings of Ralph H. Hiers made in August, 1992. The presentation focuses on aspects of Granville history, drum shop history, and local mills and mill sites.. The presentation is in three parts.

Mr. Hiers was born in 1902 and died…
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