Gibbons Store With Cars in Front, 1920's

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Gibbons Store With Cars in Front, 1920's


A photo postcard of the Gibbons Store in Granville, Massachusetts.

The person standing to the right of the gas pump, next to the roadster, is Deputy Sheriff Harry S. Hartley. You can use the search function to see other photos and information about the Hartley family in Granville.

This photo is believed to have been referred to by Howard Cook when he created his "Country Store" etching in 1929. CLICK HERE to see the etching.

Note that in Cook's etching version the store is reversed, meaning Cook etched the image to the plate without reversing it, so when it printed on paper the image came out "backwards" from how the store appeared in reality.

Interestingly, when Cook reversed the image he also placed the gas pump to the left of the building. However it looks like the figure of Sheriff Hartley is still in the etching, standing to the left of the gas pump minus his roadster.

The store burned to the ground in 1934 so any comparison to the present-day store cannot be made, except the new store was built on the foundation of the old.


Granville Public Library Historical Room


“Gibbons Store With Cars in Front, 1920's,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed January 26, 2023,


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