Sandman's Wild Blueberries, 104 McCarthy Road, Granville, MA.

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Sandman's Wild Blueberries, 104 McCarthy Road, Granville, MA.


Sandman's Wild Blueberries is a fourth generation family farm located in Granville, MA. The farm specializes in growing wild low bush blueberries for farm stand customers, Bakery Shops, and diners. Blueberries are sold fresh during the growing season ( mid July thru mid August) or frozen while the supply lasts.

From the Granville-Tolland FB community page, 10 Feb 2021: "How many of you know where Heath, MA is and did you know that there once was a strong Granville-Heath blueberry connection? Back in the mid 1950’s several of the blueberry growers from Granville found that in Heath there were fabulous open fields of blueberries just waiting to be harvested! Several, including our grandfather Robert Tripp, and his son Jake decided to buy land and take advantage of the opportunity that was seen there. Robert worked that land along with our fields here in Granville, until his death in the early 70’s. Jake then took over his father’s fields as well as his own and continued harvesting berries in Heath until his death. Many teens who picked in Granville followed us to Heath and spent 3 weeks picking up there until school was ready to start. Hard work then and still is now...but the berries were and are worth the effort!"

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