Lebbeus Ball: Granville's Churchill Ancestor


Lebbeus Ball: Granville's Churchill Ancestor


1. A 2020 article researched by Kathleen Clifford Ivory outlining the Revolutionary War experiences of Capt. Lebbeus Ball, and his connection to the Jerome family and Sir Winston Churchill, his great great great grandson.

2. A 1984 letter from Doris Hayden to Helena Duris with an attachment showing the Jerome family lineage.

Aaron Jerome married Lebbeus Ball and Thankful Stow's daughter Elizabeth in 1786. The lineage is then from their son Aaron to his son Leonard to his daughter Jennie, to her son Sir Winston Churchill.


“Lebbeus Ball: Granville's Churchill Ancestor,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed October 23, 2020, https://granvillehistory.omeka.net/items/show/1252.


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