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HRM Woman Next to Steps.jpg
Unknown woman standing in front of building.

HRM Portrait of Unknown Boy front.jpg
Professional portrait done in NYC of young boy.

HRM Portrait of Unknown Boy wearing cap front.jpg
Unknown boy wearing cap. May be a photographer's sample. No identifying information on reverse.

HRM Phillips Portrait of Unknown Man.jpg
Portrait of an unknown man, appears to be a pastor.

HRM Kopke Portrait of Young Woman front.jpg
Portrait of a young woman, photographed by Kopke studio.

HRM Young Man Standing By Porch.jpg
Unknown man in topcoat standing next to porch.

HRM Portrait of Man Tintype.jpg
An old tintype of unknown man. Possibly Ralph Brown?

HRM Portrait of Man Daguerreotype.jpg
Daguerreotype Portrait of Unknown Man

HRM Woman With Boy Pleasant Memories front.jpg
Unknown woman and boy in photo with "Pleasant Memories" border.
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