South Lane 0502 James Gibbons House, Granville, Massachusetts, c. 1771


South Lane 0502 James Gibbons House, Granville, Massachusetts, c. 1771


The Gibbons House, 502 South Lane, Granville. Built 1777 according to plaque on the house however family lore indicates 1771.

This is the James or Peter Gibbons House, depending on the source. MACRIS GRN.100

The miniature of the house and barn was made by Shelley (Lightfoot) Patterson.

Community Remembrances: This item was posted on the Granville FB community forum in March 2019. The following recollections were shared:

MPR: "The house was built by Peter Gibbons around 1771. I have a copy of a paper written by Peter Gibbons which he called “A SHORT NARRATIVE OF MY LIFE”. (CLICK HERE to read the story of Peter Gibbons' life). Also excerpts from a letter he wrote to his daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Gibbons in 1822 when he was 92 years old. My mother had them but not sure where she got them."

MPR: "Chloe Tripp was a nurse and worked as a nanny for the Butterworth family in New York.  In the summer she brought the children to Granville, often with their grandmother.  It was Chloe who had several rooms in the barn turned into bedrooms and had the cement pool built in the woods.  In one picture are Isabelle Butterworth, Chloe Tripp, and George Butterworth.  Probably taken sometime in the 1920’s.  The man on the bench is George Butterworth many years later."

SL: The VW belonged to Mike Petras.


Paul Jensen
Marion Pratt Riensema


Granville Library Historical Room
Tree, and Barns with Yellow VW: Paul Jensen photos
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“South Lane 0502 James Gibbons House, Granville, Massachusetts, c. 1771,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 12, 2024,


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