Main Road 0666 R.S. Brown House


Main Road 0666 R.S. Brown House


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“Main Road 0666 R.S. Brown House,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 12, 2024,



To Whom It May Concern,

The MHC Survey completed and submitted by J. Keim, August !987, records 1850 as the date of construction, but the contradicts Assessor's Records [Ref: Key 809], which lists the house 1805 as the year built.

Planning, materials and methods used would best be described as "Georgian", 1700-1853, [Ref: A Field Guide To American Houses, McAlster].

It's interesting to note that the original Front Entrance Door led directly to a Room that has an additional wood, wide board floor cover. This would imply a "high traffic" area. Also, the room is served by two openings perhaps for mercantile exchange.

Respectfully submitted,

Rex Renzoni

January 17, 2024.

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