Granby Road 0015 0017 Houses and Wilcox Hotel

Granby Road 0015 0017 Wilcox Hotel and Church.jpg
Granville Village Map 1894.jpg


Granby Road 0015 0017 Houses and Wilcox Hotel


Photo shows Granby Road in the area of 15 and 17, with Wilcox Hotel across the street. The village store would be directly across the street from the hotel. The hotel is a little south of where the memorial and flag pole are today. The Universalist Church in the background is gone. It was in the area of the present phone company building.

Community Comments:

This picture was shared on the Granville community Facebook forum in March 2019. Comments follow:

CB: The hand writing and initials look like this could be a note from my grandmother before she was married and living in the hotel. Avola E Banks.


Granville Public Library Historical Room


“Granby Road 0015 0017 Houses and Wilcox Hotel,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 15, 2024,


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