Brown, Chapin (1835-1897)


Brown, Chapin (1835-1897)


If the stories about Chapin Brown are true, someone needs to write a ballad about his life. Born in 1835 he was a member of one of Granville's leading families. In 1859 Chapin was the Town Clerk (Source: Wilson's "History of Granville" p. 317). However in the 1865 Federal Census he was listed as "Insane" and remained listed as such until his death in 1897.

What happened to change Chapin Brown's life so sadly and dramatically? In 1934, almost 100 years after Chapin Brown was born, the Granville Center News published a story that recounted what had been handed down as the answer. How much is true? We may never know.

What is known is that someone named "Chapin Brown" served with the 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery Regiment, which was formed in 1863 and mustered in 1865. The Regiment was involved in some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Could that explain Chapin's sudden change?

Perhaps more research will shed light on "The Ballad of Chapin Brown."

Chapin Brown is buried in Woodlands Cemetery, Granville, Massachusetts near his mother Almeda (Strong) Brown and father Levi Brown.


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