Granby Road 0005, Stacker's Store, Granville, MA.


Granby Road 0005, Stacker's Store, Granville, MA.


A small service station and store located next to the Granville Country Store and across from the Village Green that used to be operated by Max and Dorothy / Dot "Ma" Stacker.

Ma Stacker and her husband Max moved to Granville in the early 1950's from Hartford, CT. where she had worked at the Royal Typewriter Company.

Many Granville children would buy penny candy and ice cream at Ma Stacker's. The Stackers had no children. In an article written when the station closed she said the "X" was removed from the sign that had said "Max Stacker" by some young people after her husband died in a nod to the woman they came to know as "Ma" Stacker."

The Stackers lived in a house, now gone, across from the store on land that is now part of the Village Green. CLICK HERE to view the Stacker's house.

Comments about the store from a January 2022 Facebook discussion on the Granville-Tolland Community page:

Norman H: "My Father used to play "pitch" with Max while I waited and watched, slowly learning the game. Ma Stacker was famous for giving directions to visitors. She would finish her directions with a reassuring statement "You can't help but miss it". The old buildings across from the store were run down when I was growing up in the 1950's. A Coke, from the soda machine still in the store, was 10 c."


Old Photo: Unknown
Flood Photos: October, 1955
Time Travel: October 2, 2019
Store Door: March 4, 2000


Paul Jensen.
Noble & Cooley Center for Historic Preservation
Granville Library Historical Room


Photo of Doorway: Paul Jensen. No permission is granted for further use. Contact the photographer.
Flood Photos: Copyright Noble & Cooley Center for Historic Preservation



“Granby Road 0005, Stacker's Store, Granville, MA.,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed March 20, 2023,


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