West Hartland Road, Atkins / Sattler House (Now Gone)

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Drummer, Clara (Kolbe), 1913
Drummer, Clara (Kolbe) memorial.


West Hartland Road, Atkins / Sattler House (Now Gone)


This house was on the left (west) side of West Hartland Road. It was the next house after the Nelson/Aldrich farm heading south. Both houses are now gone and the land is now State Forest.
Former owners include George Atkins and Lester Sattler. Ernie Satler grew up here. The house may have been owned by Earl Sattler after Lester Sattler.
The third house on the left was owned by Harold Sattler. It is also gone.
This image was shared on the Granville Community Forum (FB) on 9 Jul 2018. The following additional information was contributed:
1. Lester Sattler was Ernie Sattler's father which would explain why Ernie had the glass negative digitized in 2012.
2. The house is believed to have been taken over by the MDC and torn down. Date not known, subject to further research.
3. Clara (Kolbe) Drummer (1881-1964), Earl Sattler's mother-in-law, disappeared on July 4, 1964 during a family outing at the family farm on Jeff Miller Road. Unknown whether she wandered off, was abducted, or what happened. Some theorized at the time that she may have been struck by a car and the driver disposed of the body elsewhere. Local lore was that she haunted the area where she disappeared. The assumption would be that she wanders the area trying to find her way back to the house.
4. Although the house bears a striking resemblance to the King/Clark/Olsen house (also now gone) that was at the northern intersection of Bruce and Old Westfield Roads,. They are two different houses.

Thanks to Hathleen Clifford Ivory for information on this house.




Granville Public Library Historical Room


Glass plate negative, 5"h x 7"w


“West Hartland Road, Atkins / Sattler House (Now Gone),” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 17, 2024, https://granvillehistory.omeka.net/items/show/842.


Ed DuBois

My brother Jim DuBos bought the burned Sattler farm on Jeff Miller Rd, in the early 1980's,  and raised his family there, he called it Sweetwater Farm.  When he bought it, the burned remains of the old farmhouse were still there, Butch Benton had owned it when it caught fire, and he sold it to Jim, who cleaned it up and built a small farmhouse and barn, (which are still there, occupied by his son). Jim and Sharon, his wife, have both passed away. I don't remember the old house, so I cannot say if this is it, however, I know that his was the old Sattler farm.  We attended  the Drummer Reunion for a number of years, held on July 4th, in honor of Mrs. Drummer's disappearance, at Earl Sattler and his wife's (I think her name was Lee)  summer place, up the road.   There may have been another large Sattler farm on Jeff Miller, besides my brothers..... the grading on my brother's place seems flatter than this.  

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