Main Road 0431 (Part 1)

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Main Road 0431 (Part 1)


431 Main Road, Part 1. This page features early photos of 431 Main Road.

The common distinguishing feature of Part 1 photos is the shed-roof "bump-out" on the second story over the front porch. Later photos do not have this element, raising a question as to whether Part 1 and Part 2 houses are the same house. Most people believe it is the same house.

To look at later pictures of the house without the bump-out in Part 2 CLICK HERE.

Pictures in order displayed:

1. Franklin and Susan (Couch) Clark on the porch of their house, circa 1909.

2. Taken during the period the Clark family owned the house.

3. Leon Clark and Bertha Bancroft sitting in automobile, about 1906 during Clark ownership.

4. Raymond Rowley and Richard N. Clark in automobile, about 1906. 

5. Couple on the porch rail and two bicycles in front. Identities unknown.

Note in photo #3 there is a house located to the west of similar roofline but two chimneys. The problem is that today there is only one house of this design in this location, which suggests one of the two was destroyed or taken down. One theory could be that the house in the background of picture 3 is 431 Main Road and the house shown here was located where 427 Main Road is now (the present 427 was built in 1920). A mystery?

Photo notes associate the house with Clark, Church, Hunt, Czaprachi, Church families.




First two photos: Originals loaned to the Granville Library Historical Room for digitization, by the Clark Family. Photos appear here with permission.
Remainder of photos: Donated to the Granville Library Historical Room by Wilhelmina Tryon.


Granville Public Library Historical Room


“Main Road 0431 (Part 1),” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 21, 2024,


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