Granby Road 0016 Federated Church (formerly the Baptist Church)


Granby Road 0016 Federated Church (formerly the Baptist Church)


The Federated Church at 16 Granby Road, Granville, MA. The Federated Church was formed in 1937 when the Baptist Church at this location combined with the First Congregational Church.

The original church building was moved across the street in the early 1800's and is now 25 Granby Road.

The second Baptist Church building was in place until 1967 when it was taken down and replaced by the present structure.

The present structure is the third to have stood at this site.

The following information is courtesy of Paul Pflumm:

"I don't know if they are still there, or if the current owners know, but the big windows from the Baptist Church [the one taken down in 1937] went to the Dickinson's and then my parents bought them and used them for the back porch at 135 Barnard. The windows must have been pretty old, because the glass had bubbles and a little waviness. I thought about it when you posted about their old mill, but just couldn't remember whether the windows came out of their garage or the mill. I was maybe five, so I'm surprised I remember going to the Dickinson's to get the windows at all."

Thanks Paul!


Aerial Photo: 27 Dec 2020


Top Photo: Herbert Hiers, 1941
Children's Day Photo: Ruth Gaines
Aerial Photo: Giguere's Photography (see "Rights" below)


Digital Images: Granville Public Library Historical Room

Aerial Photo: Giguere's Photography. Shown here with permission. May not be downloaded or used further without the consent of Gigure's Photography.


“Granby Road 0016 Federated Church (formerly the Baptist Church),” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed May 30, 2024,


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