Main Road 1562 Capt. Aaron Coe House, 1770


Main Road 1562 Capt. Aaron Coe House, 1770


Capt. Aaron Coe House, 1562 Main Road, Granville, MA. MACRIS # GRN 27.

Older photo from about 1910 (estimated; photo is undated).

There is a large photo album in the Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum at the Granville Library containing an extensive collection of photos of this house from the 1930's and later, during the Polhemus ownership period. It can be viewed by appointment.


Paul Jensen: B&W photo, 10 Dec 2000


Granville Public Library Historical Room.
Paul Jensen: B&W photo taken 10 Dec 2000. May not be reproduced without permission of the photographer.


“Main Road 1562 Capt. Aaron Coe House, 1770,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed July 24, 2024,


Rhonda Jones

I understand someone is trying to identify this home in Granville.  There are some similarities to the house my husband and I are currently living in and some structural things that are similar, however there are also some features that are different.

Does anyone know what year this photo was taken?  Are there any other photos? 

Regarding the pen marks on the side window, to the right, can anyone tell me what they represent? 

R. Rowley

This page has been revised to answer some of the questions. Hope it helps.

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