Harger Place (Gone), Sheets Road, Granville, MA

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Harger Place (Gone), Sheets Road, Granville, MA


The Harger place was owned by Civil War veteran Nelson Harger, 46th Mass. Infantry (b. 08 Mar 1836, d. 28 Oct 1912) and his wife Harriet Hunt Harger (b. ?, d. 15 Apr 1931).

Their daughter Nelsie married Charles Sheets on 26 Sep 1889. This house is now gone but it was in the Sheets family for many years.

CLICK HERE for photos of the Harger family.

This house was the scene of a tragic murder in 1911. CLICK HERE for related information.

The last photo is unidentified in the museum collection but is clearly of the Harger house at the end of its life, with the windows removed and the cellar hatchway broken through. A makeshift shed roof was added over the entry at some point.


House: Unknown
Photos: Unknown but in order of age with oldest at the top of the page.


Digital Images: Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum, 2 Granby Road, Granville, MA. 01034


“Harger Place (Gone), Sheets Road, Granville, MA,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed February 29, 2024, https://granvillehistory.omeka.net/items/show/428.


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