Main Road, High Rock Photo Collection

High Rock Shack Postcard001.jpg
High Rock Shack Postcard002.jpg
Hi Rock Camp Postcard001.jpg
Clam Bake at High Rock, About 1930
Mabel Gibbons at High Rock
Unknown Person Stuck With the Dishes at High Rock
Granville Village From High Rock
HRI Granville Lower Village from Hi Rock.jpg


Main Road, High Rock Photo Collection


A collection of photos and postcards from and at high rock, overlooking Granville village. Also referred to as "Hi Rock."

This subject was crowd-sourced on 11 May 2018 via the Granville-Tolland Community Forum (Facebook). The following information was collected:

1. Location of High Rock: On the south side of Bad Luck Mountain, behind the properties on the north side of Main Road going up Granville Hill. Also described as, "Behind the telephone building on Bad Luck Mountain."
2. Several people recall being told that Calvin Coolidge attended clam bakes there.
3. See "Comments" below for additional location information.
4. Timeframe: A few photos indicate "1930 +/-".




Hi Rock Camp and Shack postcards contributed by May (Hunt) Nobbs and Wilhelmina Tryon. Clam bake photo from Bob Hague.


Granville Public Library Historical Room (digital images) and as indicated by the respective publishers (print images).


“Main Road, High Rock Photo Collection,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed June 20, 2024,


David Blaze

If you walk up the hill behind Art Smith's old house you will find a large outcroping to your left and the remains of an old wood structure to the right just like what you see in the picture. 

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