Ben Jones 2.0 ArcGIS Map of Granville, Massachusetts

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Ben Jones 2.0 ArcGIS Map of Granville, Massachusetts


CLICK HERE to go to the Ben Jones 2.0 ArcGIS Granville History map.

This map is an ongoing work in progress. It provides the locations of various historic houses and other sites in Granville, Massachusetts with links to useful information including the applicable pages on this site (Granville History). Please allow time for the map to load on your device.

The map is named "Ben Jones 2.0" in honor of Ben Jones, who inspired the original hand-drawn version of this map around 1910. You can view the original map at THIS LINK.

LEGEND For Ben Jones 2.0 ArcGIS Map:
Stickpin = House or Former House Site
C = Cemetery
P = People
V = View

When you click on one of the Legend symbols a window will open with descriptive information and link(s). Clicking on the link(s) will take you to a page with further information associated with that location including an image of the house, cemetery, people, or view related to that location.




We express our appreciation to ESRI ArcGIS Online for their grant to allow use of their platform at a reduced cost for non-profit organizations.


Map Sponsor and Content: Noble and Cooley Center for Historic Preservation, Granville, MA.



“Ben Jones 2.0 ArcGIS Map of Granville, Massachusetts,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed September 30, 2023,


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