Salmon Brook Road 0225, Granby, CT: Orlando Smith (1810-1897), Louisa Pratt Goddard Smith (1817-1884) and (possibly) Louise Anna Smith (1857-1944)

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Salmon Brook Road 0225, Granby, CT: Orlando Smith (1810-1897), Louisa Pratt Goddard Smith (1817-1884) and (possibly) Louise Anna Smith (1857-1944)


Chris Levandowski provided information on the "mystery house" and people featured here, which was the subject of a Granville-Tolland community group post on November 26, 2022:

"I don't recognize the house. However, I immediately recognized the older couple —my 2nd great-grandparents, Orlando Smith (1810-1897) and Louisa Pratt Goddard Smith (1817-1884), both born and lifelong residents of Granby, Conn. I believe the young woman is my great grandmother, Louise Anna Smith (1857-1944). I am sharing a photo from my family album of the same people and the house (see second photo on this page).

Louise married Daniel Parley Cooley (1852-1937), descendent of Benjamin Cooley (1615-1684), and Daniel Cooley III (1711-1782) of West Granville, Mass.

Orlando tore down a house built prior to 1788 and built the Smith/Cooley house that stands on Salmon Brook St. south of the center of Granby. Louise and Dan Cooley moved into the house to care for Orlando and Louise inherited it when he died.

Orlando stood in front of the house. Whether this photo is of the original house or not is the question. The dates of the older house being razed, the new one built and my great grandmother's birthdate don't jibe. Perhaps the young woman is a friend or another relative.

For more information on Orlando's house and additional photos from the Salmon Brook Historical Society's "Stroll Through Granby History" ... walk around Granby center's old buildings and homes."

CLICK HERE to go to the Salmon Brook Historical Society's page for the Smiths.

Chris Levandowski provided the following additional details:

"The mystery of the house may be solved. Sarah Wood Langton from the Salmon Brook Historical Society in Granby, has a fantastic eye for architecture. She saw the bones of the old house in the facade of the structure on the corner of Pendleton Rd and Salmon Brook St.—225 Salmon Brook— now a multi-family house but was once Doc. Pendleton's hospital. The original house was built by Timothy Stanley between 1869 and 1890. It passed through several owners until 1921 when Pendleton purchased it and did renovations to turn it into a hospital and sanatorium.
If you look closely and remove the porch from the center portion of the house, you can see the lines of the old place. It appears that the original corbels were used in the eaves. The property, according to an 1869 map of Granby center, belonged to a F.J Smith. A Joseph Smith owned property further south near what is now Maple View Farm. That property is mentioned in Elijah Smith's will of 1867, which left a portion of land he owned with his brother Joseph, to his son Orlando.
It would seem that the Orlando Smiths visited the F.J. Smiths and a photographer captured the moment.
That leaves just one mystery. How did this photo find its way to GHR? The Cooley connection? Anyone have any other ideas?"


“Salmon Brook Road 0225, Granby, CT: Orlando Smith (1810-1897), Louisa Pratt Goddard Smith (1817-1884) and (possibly) Louise Anna Smith (1857-1944),” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 21, 2024,


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