Summer Homes and Farms, West Granville, MA.

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Summer Homes and Farms, West Granville, MA.


Advertising flyer from a local realtor extolling the virtues of country life in West Granville. The goal was to draw would-be "country squire" types from the nearby city of Springfield.

The flyer also sings the praises of Joseph Welch, "Honest to a cent in all his dealings, generous and accommodating to a fault." Joe Welch was in fact a very well respected local businessman who also served the Town of Granville for many years. We can assume he either did not see the flyer before its publication, or modesty was not among his many virtues. You can see his portrait by CLICKING HERE.




“Summer Homes and Farms, West Granville, MA.,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed November 27, 2022,


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