Main Road, David Rose House Ruins, West Granville, Massachusetts


Main Road, David Rose House Ruins, West Granville, Massachusetts


The exact location of the ruins of the David Rose house in West Granville, Massachusetts, has been a topic of much speculation for many years. Compounding the challenge, David Rose built two houses, each in a different location.

As the place where Rev. Lemuel Haynes (at THIS LINK) grew up the site is historically quite significant. It is hoped that a renewed effort to find the exact location and possibly the actual remains will yield results.

This page is intended to support that effort by collecting and sharing some of the history and results of past efforts.

There are at least three known past "expeditions" that had varying degrees of success:

1. Ben Jones: Around 1900 Ben Jones created a map that included the David Rose property and it is believed he located the stone ruins.

2. Leona Cliffiord: Recalls finding stone ruins around 1920 when she was a child.

3. Hank Miller and Ernie Sattler: Explored the general area where the ruins were said to be and found some ruins but whether it was the Rose place was inconclusive.

Unfortunately all the people mentioned above are deceased.

Corey Phelon Geske has also done extensive contemporary research on the Rose family homesteads in West Granville, focusing on brothers Daniel and David Rose.

The John and Ruth Rose house (at THIS LINK) is still standing and was the easternmost Rose place on what is now Main Road (Route 57). The Daniel Rose place (at THIS LINK) was the westernmost place and is also still standing. The David Rose place was in between, and has not existed for well over 100 years.

At least one other brother, Justus Rose, Sr., also lived in Granville. The location of his dwelling is unknown at this time. All the Rose siblings came to Granville from Durham, CT.

The first PDF included with this page contains excerpts from the 2004 Granville Open Space and Recreation Plan and from MACRIS report GRN 33. These excerpts contain the majority of what is known about the location of the David Rose house.

The second PDF is a deed from Moses Parsons to Thomas Dwight dated 1801, recorded 1802, which refers to David and Abner Rose. Unfortunately the deed is missing a key fragment regarding the property description. It is included here for what it's worth.

Also see current map below which provides an APPROXIMATE location.


“Main Road, David Rose House Ruins, West Granville, Massachusetts,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed February 25, 2024,


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