Rev, Timothy M. Cooley Letter, 01 Apr 1846

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Rev, Timothy M. Cooley Letter, 01 Apr 1846


A letter sent to (Elihu) Geer, printer in Hartford, Connecticut from Reverend Timothy M. Cooley in Granville, April 1, 1846.

A hastily written letter by Reverend Cooley to Elihu Geer regarding the printing of his sermon that he delivered in 1845 at the Granville Jubilee, celebrating his 50th year as pastor of the First Church of Christ.

Cooley addressed the letter to "Oliver Geer, Printer". There was no printer in Hartford named Oliver Geer. The only printer in the city at that time was Elihu Geer, who is best known for his incredibly informative City Directories. It can be assumed that Cooley was writing to Elihu Geer.

Transcription of letter:
Granville Apr 1, 1846
I wish to procure the printing of a small edition of a Half Century Sermon. It will fill one sheet of the type of (as?) Mr. Reid's Address.
I shall procure miniature likeness as a frontispiece.
I shall wish it done up in a good style as a pamphlet.
Please send me your terms for 300 copies- also for 500 and for 800 and inform (that) it can be done if the manuscript is sent immediately.
It was my intention that the printing of our Jubilee Address should have been from your press, but I had no control of it.
Please write by next mail and oblige.
Yours truly,
Timothy M Cooley

This letter was found on Ebay completely by chance, and realizing it's historical significance to Granville I bought it. I would like to donate it to the Historical Room.

David Spellman
Enfield, CT

Dear Mr. Spellman, I will try to reach you about your kind offer. If you notice this in the meantime please send your contact info via email to Thank you.


01 Apr 1846


David Spellman


“Rev, Timothy M. Cooley Letter, 01 Apr 1846,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed November 27, 2022,


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