Murder In West Granville, 1911


Murder In West Granville, 1911


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The 30 Sep 1911 Springfield Daily News account of a tragic murder in West Granville.

The article mentions a photo (shown here; the two men in the center of the photo committed the murder) used to identify the killers. It was a George Aldrich photo the soon-to-be murderers had asked him to take so they could send it to their friends back in the old country to show them how well they were doing in America. But fate would soon deal them a new hand.

One of the killers went to the electric chair, the other later died of "brain disease."

This occurred at the Harger place on what is now Sheets Road. The house is gone but you can see it by CLICKING HERE.

The map location below is estimated and not based on the discovery of the actual location of the foundation hole.


September 1911 to June 1913


Springfield Daily News



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