Independence Day 1959, Granville, Massachusetts

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Independence Day 1959, Granville, Massachusetts


Independence Day Beauty Contest photos, provided by Marion Pratt Riensema.

These also appeared on the Granville-Tolland Community Facebook page, 19 Dec 2021 courtesy of Marion. Comments follow:

GP: "I drove the winners in ‘59 and ‘60. I believe Nancy won in ‘60. I can’t recall the girl I drove in ‘59. She lived in West Granville on North Lane. Don’t believe she was in town too long."

VS: "It may have been Araina Brown Heath."

GP: "That’s who it was. Thanks."

DJC: "I believe my aunt Bonnie Blakesley King won a year or two."

MPR (to GP): " I’d forgotten you drove those winners in your convertible. Maybe your parents took pictures too."

MPR: "My sister and I are in there. I don’t want to name any others in case they don’t want to be identified."


Jul 1959


Marion Pratt Riensems


Copyright 2021, Marion Pratt Riensema



“Independence Day 1959, Granville, Massachusetts,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed February 23, 2024,


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