Oration By James Cooley, July 5, 1813


Oration By James Cooley, July 5, 1813


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James Cooley (1779-1851) was an attorney in Granville. His father, William Cooley, was a Captain during the Revolutionary War and led a company of Granville patriots. His son, James Parsons Cooley was co-founder of the Noble & Cooley drum company in 1854. His brother, Rev. Timothy Mather Cooley, was a highly influential and respected Congregational church minister in Granville, preaching at what is now the Old Meeting House.

Cooley's Oration makes reference to Thomas Jefferson. In 1808, five years before this Oration, James Cooley was a member of a committee selected to address a petition to President Jefferson expressing Granville's opposition to the Embargo Act of 1807 (source: Wilson's "History of Granville" p. 82).

The Embargo Act enacted econimic sanctions intended to counter British impressment of American sailors. It failed to accomplish Jefferson's objectives and was replaced with new legislation in 1809. The failed Act is generally considered to have increased tensions with Great Britain and was a contributing factor leading to the War of 1812, which was in progress at the time of Cooley's 1813 oration.

James Cooley's law office still stands in Granville Center and is now a private residence.


05 Jul 1813


Digital Image Copyright: Noble & Cooley Center for Historic Preservation, 2021.


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