Miles J. Rose (1839-1915)


Miles J. Rose (1839-1915)


Miles Rose was a direct descendant of Jonathan Rose, one of Granville's original settlers. He is said to have been the last Rose to live in Granville, although his daughter Lavinia Rose Wilson continued to own the family home as a country place, largely unchanged, until her death in 1968. Her husband, Albion Wilson, was the author of "The History of Granville, Massachusetts."

The Rose home at the corner of Main and Old Westfield Roads now belongs to the Connors family who purchased it in 1969. It continues to be beautifully preserved and is one of Granville's fine old places. Miles Rose led an interesting life.

This page will preserve some of his letters and other documents relating to that life. Note that letters will be added to this page as time allows.

The first letter dates from 1866 when Miles wrote to his wife Sophia from Albany, NY. He was making a living as a peddler and recounts his impressions of that existence, as well as his dim view of Albany. Miles likely thought better of the Irish as he matured. Many Irish immigrants came to Granville and established themselves in the northeast part of town, being as hard-working and dependable as anyone else.


Transcription by Martha LaCrosse, 2022


Digital Images: The Mabel Root Henry Historical Museum, Granville, MA.,


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