Third Granville Social Library

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Third Granville Social Library


Before the current Granville Library came into existence thanks to the work of the Library Club, Granville had a series of libraries under various names. One was the Dickinson Library Company and before that the Third Granville Social Library, the oldest known Granville library (there being no record of the First and Second, if they existed at all).

The Third Granville Social Library was likely organized after an 1806 Massachusetts bill was enacted providing for the organization of local libraries. The format of the library name was prescribed in the bill as "the Proprietors of the (First, or some other appropriate number) Social Library of (the name of the town)." I appears Granville decided to stray slightly from the prescribed format (is anybody surprised?).

Thanks to a generous donation to the Granville Library Historical Room one of the books from the Third Granville Social Library has joined the collection. It is one volume from a copyright 1808 encyclopedia set. The book is recorded as "#5" in the old library's collection, indicating it was probably one of the first books purchased by the library.

The condition of the old book gives a clue as to how many Granville residents must have used it over 200 years ago, reading by candlelight in Granville's old homes. Some of them were undoubtedly Revolutionary War veterans who would have been still living at the time and were probably among the library founders.

A number of books from the old Dickinson Library Company have also been donated. This library seems to have come into existence around 1821 when the name of the Third Granville Social Library's name was changed (source: Wilson p 268-269).


Circa 1808


The Granville Library Historical Room wishes to express appreciation to:
  • Lenna Miller Pholsook for generously donating books from the Third Granville Social Library and the Dickinson Library Company, 29 Jun 2021.
  • Elizabeth Porter for her important role in helping to preserve this Granville history.


Granville Library Historical Room, 2021


From the George Sattler book collection, West Granville, MA. Donated by Lenna Miller Pholsook.


“Third Granville Social Library,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed July 16, 2024,


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