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Placemarker- need location


Photo: Summer 1941, taken by Herbert Hiers. The home of Jesse Cone. Later Charles Hansen.


Photo: 1941


Digital Image: Granville Library Historical Room and NCCHP.

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#88 in the 1941 Herbert Hiers photo album.


Posted on the community FB page for comment, Apr 2021.

JWA: "Anna and Charlie were our neighbors. They sold the land our house was built on to our parents. They had a wonderful garden. Charlie would call and tell my mother to get the pot boiling and he'd send some just picked corn down to us. That was our entire meal on many summer nights, and it wasn't because we were starving, it was that he sent that many ears to us."
JM: "Waking up very early would show Charlie working in the garden. He brought us asparagus."
JWA: "Yep, I wish I liked asparagus back then."


“Placemarker- need location,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed May 16, 2021,


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