Granby Road 0233, Granville, Massachusetts

Granby Road 0233 Hunt Home 1941 Hiers photo 007-008.jpg


Granby Road 0233, Granville, Massachusetts


233 Granby Road, next to the Gran-Val Scoop.

1941 photo by Herbert Hiers. Owned by the Hunt family at that time.


1941 Photo: Herbert Hiers


Digital Image: Granville Library Historical Room and NCCHP, 2021.


This photo was shared on the Granville-Tolland Facebook community page in April 2021,. The following memories were shared:

JWA: "Went here after kindergarten in 1958 and spent the afternoon with Bertha Hunt--Stub's mother. We called her Antie Birthday. My father would come for lunch from the box shop. I remember bringing firewood in for her and getting attacked by the rooster. He was not around the next day. I believe she cooked on a woodstove year round back then."

TF: "Many great memories here on the farm I was lucky to grow up surrounded by family! I got to milk cows back in the day before they were machines to do it!! Aunt Dolly, Uncle Stub, Aunt Ethel and Uncle Dick always were there!! The lesson I learned.. from horse back riding, gardening, and how to work hard."


“Granby Road 0233, Granville, Massachusetts,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed June 17, 2024,


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