Celia, The Library Club Doll

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Celia, The Library Club Doll


From Wilson's "History of Granville Massachusetts":

"In November, 1896, a fair was held, the first in twenty-five years, if you can credit such a seemingly impossible statement. This brought in nearly $500.00.
The chief interest in this fair centered around a beautifully dressed French doll given by the Club President [Ria Cooley]. A great many tickets had been sold allowing purchasers to guess its name, the doll to go, of course, to the one guessing correctly.
The name proved to be Celia; and through a fortunate chain of circumstances, the doll was immediately given back to the Club to be sold again that evening. She was put up at auction, sold and again returned for selling, and so for the third time brought a good price. All told, she netted the Club just $112.00.
The name “Celia” was chosen because that was the name of Mr. Ralph Cooley’s mother."

The photo of Celia on the library mantle in a display case was taken by Lise LeTellier, Library Director, in February 2021, the 125th Anniversary of the Library Club.




Doll on Library Mantle: Lise LeTellier, 2021


“Celia, The Library Club Doll,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed May 20, 2024, https://granvillehistory.omeka.net/items/show/1342.


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