Trapping Catch, 1908

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Trapping Catch, 1908


George Aldrich was a trapper by trade, coming to West Granville by 1908. George boarded at the Major Nelson on West Hartland Road. Major Nelson told George he could trap anything he wanted with the exception of Major's daughter, Ruth.
George did not pay heed and went on to marry Ruth. Legend has it that from then on Major Nelson would not speak directly to George even though George and Ruth lived at the Nelson farm. If Major wanted the potatoes passed at the dinner table he would ask someone other than George to request that Mr. Aldrich pass the potatoes. George was undeterred; he had his prize catch.

Attitudes toward trapping have greatly changed since 1908. Judging the practice based on today's standards is not necessarily fair. In 1908 there was still a dependency on furs for warm clothing. In subsequent years clothing technology has replaced the need for furs as a necessity in all but the most remote areas of the world, not to mention today's prevalence of artifical furs.




Photo generously donated by Robert Hague.


Digital Image: The Granville Library Historical Room and NCCHP.


“Trapping Catch, 1908,” Granville History Digital Collection, accessed April 14, 2024,


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